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The Institute for Social Services is a facility established by the welfare service, in which qualified social workers, psychologists, marriage counsellors, consultants for the handicapped, tutors, doctors, psychotherapists, lawyers and interpreters work together. The Institute for Social Services is politically independent, non-denominational and active in all regions of the state of Vorarlberg in Austria. Our head office is in Röthis (near the border between Germany and Switzerland). The ifs was founded 40 years ago and is considered a model institution for social work on a regional level. The Institute for Social Services offers help to people with social problems or questions. We also publish a regular magazine with the title "ifs Info" which can be ordered.

The focal points of our activities lie in the following areas:

  • Counselling adults (especially in times of separation, psychosocial
  • stress. etc.)
  • Professional and social rehabilitation (counselling and supporting the handicapped, and assisting them in job-finding)
  • Family counselling and family planning
  • Guidance with upbringing and education
  • Advice for foreigners
  • Youth counselling and street-work with fringe groups
  • Counselling involving sects
  • Counselling victims of violence
  • Anonymous accommodation for women in need and crisis shelters, Intervention centre Vorarlberg,
  • Educational flat-sharing communities for adolescents, and youth programs
  • Counselling for people who have got into debt
  • Support and care for psychologically ill and mentally dysfunctional people (legal representation)


Managing Director
Dr. Stefan Allgäuer

Head office
Institut für Sozialdienste
Interpark FOCUS 1
A-6832 Röthis

Tel.: ++43 5 1755 500
Fax: ++43 5 1755 9500